07 August 2012

Hello, old girl!

I returned home from a happy morning spent papering my bulletin boards at school to this:

Our dear house, stripped down and fully exposed to the street and the passersby.  Poor old girl!
What started as a simple "hey, let's redo the porch floor boards!" has quickly morphed into "let's tear off the front of the house and start over!" (insert rapidly beating heart and shortness of breath here).  That's the problem with old homes. They look so darn pretty with all of their antique makeup on, and then you peel back the layers and...yikes!  Wrinkles and age spots everywhere!  I'm sure all of the reconstructive surgery will be worth it if we end up with something that even remotely resembles the beauties I've seen on Pinterest.
With any luck, I'll be updating soon with sunny photos of our little family, happily nestled on our new, tastefully decorated porch.  And by tastefully decorated, I mean an art easel for Henry and a folding chair; a decorator I am not!

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