04 August 2012

La Plage

We just spent a glorious week at the beach.  I realize just how fortunate we are to have had a week-long vacation, full of sun, water, naps, and delicious food.  But?  A week away from home with a babe and a 10 hour drive on each end?  Ahem.  That is not vacation.  It is crazy and fun and exciting and exhausting and something that I can't wait to do again!  Happily, Gam came along for the ride and made the experience all the more relaxing and a lot more fun!

I learned a few new things about Sir Henry (I'm feeling very British, thanks to the Olympics):

He's a much better sleeper than I give him credit for.  Actually, I knew (and am ever thankful for the fact) that he is an AMAZING sleeper.  However, for months and months I have been creeping around like a mouse after he goes to bed, which makes for a lot of creeping since he goes to bed around 7.  And poor Nate, who really doesn't enjoy being mouse-like, is compelled to do so as well.  At the beach, there was no quiet.  Yes, I whispered between the hours of 6:30 and whenever we adults went to bed.  Yes, I was careful not to allow my fork or knife to clank against my plate during dinner.  My companions were not so careful; the boy never woke up once.

He is sensitive to heat like his mama.  Where there is heat, there is heat rash, and that's just no fun.  Believe me, I know.  (Side story:  Once, while in France, I was miserable, hot and covered in a heat rash.  I went to the pharmacy and, in the heat of the moment [no pun intended], told the pharmacist that I had une affection de la peau--a skin infection.  How ladylike and charming.)  Fortunately, my husband and my mother are of much heartier stock and didn't let a little rash confine us to air-conditioned quarters.

He loves sand.

He loves dogs even more than sand.

He is the most delightful boy in the world (but I already knew that)!

We got to go out on a real date!

Notice the toothbrush in his hand.  The same brush that he toted to the pool with him.  Nothing like encouraging dental hygiene at a young age. 

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