19 August 2012

Back to School (or Why I Don't Exercise)

School starts on Monday; I'm excited and ready.  I like being in my classroom, coming up with new lessons, and socializing.  I work with my closest friends and my dear aunt.  There are no dull moments and no day is the same.  It's busy, fun, sometimes overwhelming, and always rewarding.
messy desk, clean desk.  
There is a flip side to this happy little work life:  Henry.  The (sometimes harsh) reality of working is that your precious, sweet, only little once, bundle of joy spends the majority of his (or her!) time being cared for by someone else.  The first day that Henry went to daycare, I dashed to fetch him as soon as the dismissal bell rang.  I carted him home, snuggled up with him on the couch, and promptly burst into tears when I realized that...wait for it...he smelled like someone other than me!  I was ready then and there to write a letter of resignation and never leave my baby again.  Fortunately, I returned to work the next day and the next and the next and before I knew it, we had settled into a happy little routine and Henry was being loved at school by his sweet teachers and at home by Nate and me.

We kept to our routine pretty well over the summer, so starting back to school won't be too much of a shock to our system.  It will be a shock to the clean house, but that's another story.  Our routine is finely tuned and keeps my on my toes, quite literally.  There are days during the school year that I don't sit down until after Henry is in bed.  This is what a typical weekday looks like:
I'm sort of tired just thinking about it.  But, I have a new set of pens, easy dinners planned, and my clothes picked out for the week.  Let the games year begin!

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  1. Hi Jules! Other than the adorable photos of Henry this is my favorite post. Can you guess why? Perhaps its recognizing your handwriting or the fact that you used different colored pens on your daily schedule beacuse the excitment of getting new pens means trying out more than one. Although I would be a horrid teacher I certainly would enjoy getting new school supplies each year! ching ching!