23 August 2012

Vroom! Vroom!

Henry loves just about anything on wheels.  The car and the stroller have been favorites since the beginning.  Lately he has started to push his toy cars and dumptruck around and completes his playtime with little "vroom vroom" sounds.  Adorable.  And now the little man has his own set of wheels. 
so pensive.  riding a trike is serious business.
If you're in the market for a new trike, I highly recommend the Radio Flyer.


  1. I've seen that radio thing... so you like it? It looks great and I think Ben would love it too, considering the investment :) . Henry seriously is so cute.

    1. It's not super sturdy, but are any toys, really? It's easy to steer, handles bumpy sidewalks well, and Henry loves it. So yes, it's a winner. Hopefully he'll love it for more than just a few weeks...:)