30 October 2011

Rah rah rah!

I've never been particularly interested in sports.  I think I attended a total of 3 sporting events during college.  I happened to be in graduate school the one year that Wake Forest had a good (or at least better than the other teams in the ACC) football team and did attend most of the home games.  That, however, was largely social.  Though I was excited when the Deacons won, I didn't really care about the outcome of the games.

And then I found myself in West Virginia where, it seems, everyone is a Mountaineer fan.  I've never experienced anything like it, this constant explosion of blue and gold, this almost feverish allegiance and excitement.  After five football seasons here, I still don't understand and I certainly don't get excited about the games.

Much to my chagrin (and Nate's pleasure), the first item in Henry's wardrobe was a WVU ensemble.  He now has no less than four WVU onesies.  Yesterday, he finally wore his first one.  I'm sure today was only the first of many blue and gold days for this boy.

Hmm...how do I feel about this?

Great!  Let's go Mountaineers!

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