21 October 2011

First Day of School

I went back to work on Monday and Henry had his first day of "school." 
Henry seems to be unphased by his new routine, thank goodness, and I am adjusting, too.  I commented to a colleague that it is kind of nice not to be thinking about a child's needs at every.single.moment.  And then I stopped.  And thought.  And realized that it's not one child's, but 65 teenagers' needs I'm thinking about now.  Even still, it's fun to be back at work, to have social interaction and to settle into a routine.    


  1. And you just had a birthday, right? Happy birthday! I'm glad that you had a good first day back to school. Henry is as adorable as ever. :)

  2. Julia!!! Hi Friend! I love that you found my blog and that you have one too. Henry is precious! It looks like you are doing well, and teaching French? Of course! Can't wait to keep up with your family through your blog and see more adorable pics