10 October 2011

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

There are five fireplaces in our house.  Five fireplaces that attract dust like picnics attract ants.  Five dusty fireplaces that taunt me each time I walk past them  Perhaps it's the fact that we live in a 100+ year old house, but I feel like no matter how much or how often I dust, more dust magically appears.  Fortunately, I like tidying up our house--vacuuming, dusting, cleaning baseboards, organizing--be still, my heart!  Having Henry in the house has seriously reduced the amount of time and energy that I can devote to such tasks.  Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to see the dust and look the other way, accepting that a few extra dust bunnies, a pile of ironing, and shoes lined up by the door are not nearly as important, and certainly not as entertaining, as a chubby little baby.   

That chubby little baby is two months old today!  Henry is ever alert, curious and, in my completely unbiased opinion, just as cute as ever. 

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