10 October 2011


Fall weather means that it is time for warm, comforting recipes.  A baby in the house means that it is time for quick and easy recipes.  I've never been a fan of the crockpot, but I'm trying to learn to love it.  This weekend, Nate and I made White Bean and Chicken Chili
White Bean and Chicken Chili Recipe

It was delicious, but not as quick and easy as I had hoped.  I would definitely make it again, but I would simplify things and make a few modifications.  Why use bone-in chicken when you can use boneless?  Why brown the chicken (and dirty another pan!) when it's going to be cooking for 6 hours?  The chili was a little on the soupy side, so I would reduce the amount of chicken broth and definitely not add water.  Even though it is a white BEAN chili, I would remove one can of beans and use a can of hominy instead.  We added corn this time, but I prefer hominy.  Finally, I would add a little more spice.  Basically, I would rewrite the recipe!

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