12 November 2011

Three Months!

Henry reached the three month mark this past week.  He has turned into such a delightful, happy little fellow and we are thankful each day that we get to be his parents.

At three months, Henry likes to play with Sophie the Giraffe, smile and coo, "read" books, gaze at himself in the mirror, snuggle, and take long walks. 

Sauter, c'est magnifique!

Story time
 Somewhere around week 9, Henry started to become a much better nighttime sleeper.  I spent the summer reading everything I could about infant sleep, only to be shocked when I ended up with an acutely alert baby who was not particularly interested in following the patterns of theoretical babies in books.  Surprise, surprise!  Wake to feed?  Never an issue.  Put down drowsy but awake?  Please!  Those sleepless nights (and days) are becoming a thing of the past and, now that he only eats once during the night, I actually enjoy that quiet bit of cuddle time.  When my students tell me about their weekend escapades, I am reminded that I will again have sleepless nights wondering where Henry is and what he is doing (unless he takes after me!).  For  now, I am happy to be awake, knowing that he is nestled safely in my arms.

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