14 December 2012


You can't tell from his sweet smile, but our boy is sick: sick enough to cry for hours, stay home from school, and lose his insatiable appetite. He has a nasty little virus (perfectly common for children of his age, perfectly common in daycare settings) that took our little family by surprise this week.

We fetched Henry from school on Monday and were told that he had a great day. By the time we arrived home, it was clear that things weren't so great. The littlest one was hot and crabby, and that crabbiness lasted through the night (and has shown itself all week, to tell the truth). Happily, my sweet, sweet mother came to our aid yesterday morning. Henry is on the mend and I suspect it's attributed to the extra love and hugs that only a grandmother can give.


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  2. Moms are the greatest aren't they? My mom is a lifesaver when Ben gets sick... which seems to happen a lot these winter months! Hope he continues to feel better (and you get some rest too) :)