07 December 2012

Welcome, December (and Breaking Up Is Hard to Do)

December, how I have missed you
and your winter wonderland!
Your frosty mornings and brisk days.
The scent of wood smoke in the air.

Try as I might, I have found no traces of a winter wonderland during these first days of December. Henry has worn a short sleeved shirt and played outside. On Sunday we had rain showers reminiscent of a spring day. The houses on our street are decorated in the season's finest and, though it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it certainly doesn't feel like it when I step outside.

It does taste like the holidays when I open this sweet little jar. Cookie butter is delicious!

This weekend we will go on a Christmas tree hunt. I'm most interested in seeing how the ever-curious Henry will handle a great big tree in the foyer and hoping that he will be in such awe that he won't want to touch it. I saw a cute felt tree idea on Pinterest that I suspect would entertain him quite nicely. Sadly, it seems unlikely that a certain mother will get around to crafting such a tree. Maybe next year...

Wintry weather and holiday cheer aside, Henry started a new school this week. Though it was a welcome change, bidding farewell to Henry's friends and teachers at the old daycare was harder than I had anticipated. I was left feeling as if I had just gone through a bittersweet (and almost embarrassing) breakup. Happily, Henry, who is showing no signs of a broken heart, is making new friends and enjoying his new teachers.

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