31 December 2012

A Glimpse

I simply can't accept that this joyful and blissful season is coming to a close. I haven't even made Christmas cookies or finished all of the Christmas shopping that I had planned to do. What I have done is enjoyed myself immensely. Every pine needle, every card, every song, every sweet, and every smile on the little one's face made this season so bright! The best part? That smile (and those needles. sigh) will last into and through the new year! Yes indeed, I'll take that kind of joy!

Most of our holiday pictures are still waiting to be transferred to the computer. Hopefully they'll get there before this time next year. In the meantime, here's a smattering from the phone. 

visiting Santa / admiring the tree
holiday kisses and a lunch outing / school party with Santa! / a long winter nap

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