06 June 2013

Ready, set, jet!

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be hopping on a plane, kicking up my feet (ha!), and strolling on the streets of Paris by Saturday morning. For the next week, I will not be tending to my boys' (the big one and the little one) needs. Sounds indulgent and relaxing, right? Au contraire! I will be Madame for the duration of the trip. Traveling with a group of 17 and 18 year old students is not vacation, mind you, even when you're laying on a beach in Nice. I suspect it will be more exhausting than my day to day routine ever is, even on the busiest (or fussiest) of toddler days.

I've spent one very fun (and very long) night completely away from Henry. There have been a handful of times that I haven't been home to put him to bed or to greet him in the morning. This a little routine is sweet and wonderful. It has also sent me into a slight panic as I prepare for a big dose of separation anxiety. I'll be one happy mama with the plane returns next weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Have a wonderful trip, Juilia! I'm sure you will get the absolute best cuddles when you get home :)