21 February 2013

18 Months

Henry is such a big boy these days.

His vocabulary is expanding rapidly and he has the sweetest little voice.

He says please and thank you (which sounds more like "dank do").

He can say the names of his friends at school and practices all of the time.

He points out every bus that we see (and we see a lot of them!) and says "choo choo" each time we hear a train.

He's still a little gourmand and will eat almost anything. His current favorite? Beans and rice.

He runs around like wild man and happily yells at the top of his lungs when I drop him off at school. The scene is repeated when I pick him.

He loves to be "owwside" and afternoon walks are a must.

He gives hugs. He blows kisses. He is sweet.
tricycle ride / cowboy / sweet valentine

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