27 September 2013

Of Snakes and Songs

On Tuesday afternoon, I heard an embarrassing buzz coming from my desk. A cell phone was going off during class and it was my own! I glanced at the number, thought it looked like the secondary number for Henry's school, and went back to checking homework. Not a minute later, someone knocked on my door. "Henry's fine, but you need to take a call." Upon answering the phone, the director assured me that Henry was just fine but that I'd need to come and get him. The school was being evacuated; a baby copperhead had been found in the infant room. Yikes! It seems the little fellow did not like all of the recent rain and sought refuge in the nice, warm school.

In less reptilian news, Henry is quite the little singer. He sings many traditional children's songs, songs he makes up, and, recently, pop music. He does a nice rendition of Bieber's "Baby" and Rihanna's "Girl on Fire" (he calls it the fire song). This morning, he requested "the diamond in the sky" when we got in the car. The best part? I'm not teaching him any of these songs (thank you, sweet school!), so Nate can't ask me to switch to something more classically cool.
perfect days to play outside/bagel smile/lounging

I made the most delicious deep dish pizza this week, cast iron skillet and all. I can't wait to repeat it this weekend. It was that good.
Deep Dish Pizza

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  1. well, i'm inspired by that pizza - yum! henry is growing like a weed :) that snake! so, so scary! i'm so very glad no one was hurt. hope you all are having a lovely fall - we miss you soooo much!