07 November 2012

Les petites obsessions

I have a problem, a mild obsession. Sippy cups. I can't get enough of them.

The obsession started innocently enough. When Henry turned 4 months old, I thought it would be a good time to start offering him water from a cup. We got a traditional, soft-spouted cup with handles, nothing more than a glorified bottle. One wasn't enough; I got more, just to give them a try. Several cups in, I read that speech and language pathologists suggested that sippy cups and bottles are not ideal for speech development. Straws are (perhaps) better. I rushed to the store and purchased a straw cup. And another.  And another. Henry took to the straws like a kitten to milk. I was satisfied. My research ceased. And then, I started thinking again. Henry likes drinking out of my cups. I reasoned that, perhaps, he was ready for yet another new cup.

I found it. A perfectly wonderful, spout-less, spill-proof cup.

Isn't it lovely?
Playtex Spoutless Cup
Of course, I haven't Henry hasn't gotten a new cup in months and I'm starting to get antsy...

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