14 September 2012

Beans and Baby Steps

Thanks to my dearest friend in high school, I've always kept an eye on Martha Stewart.  She's an impressive lady.  And her one pot meals?  Amazing!  Nate and I made Black Beans and Sausage earlier this week and our bellies were full and happy.  On paper (or on screen, as the case may be), it looks good, though a bit blasé.  Mais non!  It was delicious!  I'm already dreaming about my next steaming, delicious bowl of this stuff.
Now, on to more important things.

We were beginning to think that Henry might crawl forever.  I imagine that he has been thinking to himself, "I'm fast!  I'm too fast to bother with walking!"  It's true.  The child is fast.  He's practically graceful as he glides across the floor and makes his way up the stairs. 

And then one day last week, I picked him up from daycare and was startled when I heard the teacher say, "...and he took twelve steps today."  I was shocked (and still not sure if I believe that he took twelve steps).  One part is true: he is taking steps, baby steps though they may be.  And it's adorable.  He looks so elated and so startled when he takes a step.  Of course, that startled look in his eyes could be because a certain mother squeals every.single.time he shuffles his little feet.  Oops!
Standing tall and ready to play at school

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