15 July 2012

There haven't been many pictures taken around here lately.  Between lots of playing, summer storms, and bits of travel, snapping photos of Henry and organizing my thoughts succinctly just hasn't happened.  Tant pis.  Instead, I offer you a string of random thoughts and happenings.  

I accompanied Nate to a meeting one day.  While he did his research thing, I basked in the sun.
Stonewall Resort 
Henry is developing a gourmand palate.  He has tried (and liked!) enchiladas, Thai food and French toast, along with a host of country homey treats at school.  He doesn't really like to be fed these days; he wants to do it himself.  He has started saying "yeah! yeah! yeah!!!" when he gets really excited.  He has been spending his days in the 1 year old room at school.  He likes circle time but not art (exhibit A).  He is in desperate need of a haircut (exhibit B).  He is growing up and I can scarcely stand it.
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
At any moment he looks like he's channeling the look of The Beatles or of Justin Bieber.  I hope it's not the latter... 

Another thing that I can scarcely stand is that we are in the peak of summer.  The long and lazy days will soon be winding down.  Admittedly, I'm a teeny bit excited for August.  I love being at home.  I love how clean the house is and that all of the ironing is done.  I love going to the grocery store on a random weekday morning.  But I miss the energy of being at school.  I especially miss the students.  Teachers aren't supposed to have favorites and I don't.  I have preferences, students who are especially sweet or shockingly acerbic, frequently inappropriate, and oh so entertaining in a way that only teenagers can be.  Their hilarity makes me simultaneously grin and groan.  And don't even get me started on new school supplies.  I have visions dancing in my head (thank you, Pinterest and Erin Condren).  But it's a summer Sunday and maybe I'm not quite ready to really start thinking about all of that...

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  1. this post made me laugh because I joke that Ben has Justin Bieber hair all the time! He screams like he has nerve endings in his hair when we try to cut it... :)