26 July 2012

I had a cute post written for yesterday.  It was titled "Sweet and Sour."  The sweet was about how, on a recent lunch date, Nate and I were asked if we were newlyweds.  And the sour...well, I was still working on that part.  And then I saw something that made the sweetness in my life so much sweeter.

I was running errands, in a blissful state after finding bubbles and a few little beach toys (68 cents!) for the boy.  As I walked to my car, I heard angry voices.  Two women, one of whom was in a wheel chair, were a few spaces away from me.  And there, in the broad daylight, in the middle of a very public parking lot, I witnessed what I can only describe as physical and emotional abuse.  When all was said and done, there were police and an ambulance, and I went back to my sweet little life, still feeling quite sour, angry and mostly sad.

I ironed.  I played with Henry.  I talked to Nate.  All the while, I had Peter, Paul and Mary (thank you, Daddy, for my musical education) singing in my head.

I can ease the suffering of this world
With my head, my heart and my hand
With my heart I can feel
The ebb and flow of life revealed
Pain and sorrow all will heal
With love and true compassion
"Of This World" by Peter, Paul and Mary

And this morning?  The song is still echoing in my head and I'm left wondering how I can help ease the suffering.

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