27 June 2012

Various and Sundry Things

I love air conditioning.  During the heat of summer, I often pause and think to myself "thank heavens for AC!"  I'm not joking.  Best. Invention. EVER.

We went to Charlottesville a few weekends ago and feasted on delicious Thai food while gazing at the mountains.  I love the WV mountains, I really do, but there is nothing that compares to that view of the Blue Ridge.  Or the spice of drunken noodles.  Sigh.

The boy has a new favorite spot, perched on his chair, looking down at the street below.
Sometimes, he likes to wear his father's glasses while enjoying his evening bottle.
Wearing glasses is better than wearing wood chips, that's for sure!  Henry developed a most unfortunate habit of teething on his crib rails.  Post-nap, I would find little chips of crib on his cheeks and sheets.  Of all of the things I thought we would need for a baby, crib rails guards never crossed my mind.  Henry now has a snazzy set of padded bumpers gracing the top of his crib--a tasty new treat in his book, I think.  

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