09 May 2012

9 months ago...

Nine months ago, I was nine months pregnant.  Nate and I finished off our last dinner as a family of two.  He went outside to cut the grass; I did laundry, tidied the house, washed dishes, and then, with a tee-shirt stretched over my very pregnant belly, plopped down on the couch to write.  I could scarcely contain myself.  I was nervous, excited, thrilled.  I barely slept that night (or any night for almost a week after that), so anxious was I to meet our little baby boy.

Nine months ago, I had no idea what I was in for: the tears and fears, the joy and laughter, the overwhelming love.  I had no idea that, in nine short months, one little fellow could, and would, so radically transform my life.
I certainly had no idea that this wrinkly little bit...

...would turn into this little boy!

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  1. He's such a beautiful little boy! I just love him to bits! Happy Mother's Day, Julia :)